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Statute of academic department anterior segment of the eye

(Iranian Society of Cornea and Refractive Surgery)





Article 1: at the request of a group of ophthalmologists who are interested in research, education and Training and organizing the anterior segment eye diseases in Iranian Society of Ophthalmology of the new association called the "Department of Ophthalmology Association of anterior segment of the eye," agreed.

Article 2: Anterior segment of the eye department of the organization is affiliated with the Iranian Society of Ophthalmology accepting Constitution as it was originally, and its macro policy formulation and planning will coordinate with the Iranian Society of Ophthalmology.

Article 3: Academic department of anterior segment of the eye works only in the fields of science,research and specialized medical eye.

Article 4: Academic department of anterior segment of the eye is a non-profit organization and financial productivity.

Article 5: Academic department of anterior segment of the eye associated with the administration of the Iranian Society of Ophthalmology and all correspondence, communications, and administrative andfinancial affairs done through Secretariat of the Iranian Society of Ophthalmology.

Article 6: Central group of anterior segment of the eye is in Tehran, Iran and Head of the person can elect a person as a representative to introduce cities.

Chapter TwoGoals and tasks                            

Article 7: The main purpose of scientific group of the anterior segment of the eye is promotion of thehealth of patients with anterior segment of the eye Through higher education and research, and organizing training servicesresearch and treatment  being done at the national level Iran.

Group of academic anterior segment of the eye follow major goals that are as:

Article 7-1: Improving quality and increasing  the level of staff  knowledge through training the theory and practical and orgnizing the education and research meetings and regularly enterchange views and discussion.

Article 7-2new scientific information in studies of anterior segment of the eye whould be informed to the other ophthalmologiest and enabling scholarly communication through educational meetings, publishing books and pamphlets, and implementation of Internet sites and  doing scientific consultation with colleagues.

Article 7-3: Regular communication with universities and Ophthalmology research Center in the country and exchange ideas with scientists and other experts related to the treatment of the patients with anterior segment of the eye are concerned.

Article 7-4: scientific communication and exchange of scientific and research centers and universities abroad and scientific contacts with other international associations anterior segment of the eye with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Article 7-5Efforts to conduct and organize research presented in the anterior segment of the eye andcoordinated research approach adopted in this regard

Article 7-6: informing the authorities of health care and health insurance and national health planners through communication and cooperation with relevant organizations.

Article 7-7: informing the public and patients for disease control and health promotion.

Chapter 3Membership

Members of groups are classified as follows:



Article 8:Main members (active) are ophthalmologists in training, research and treatment of diseases of the anterior segment of the eye have been selected most of her works. All members (active) should have degree or equivalent Fellowship anterior segment of the eye. 


Article 8-1: All members must be members of the Iranian Society of Ophthalmology.

Article 8-2: Fllowship Iranians living abroad, if approved by the Office of Alumni abroad may be admitted as main members

Article 8-3: Members of the board of directors by the members of the (active) shall be elected from among themselves

Article 9: honorary membersIranian and foreign figures, the scientific status of their own importance, or who have made ​​significant contributions in furthering the objectives of the Association are effectiveaids and all the physicians around the world to research and teaching, and anterior segment eye diseaseshave a job, regardless of nationality, If desired, and as long as the laws of Islamic Republic of Iran is nobarrier can be admitted as an honorary member of the group of anterior segment of the eye.

Note 1: adoption of the written request of members entitled in all circumstances to all members resignreserved.

Note 2: All ophthalmologies who wish to operate in the anterior segment of the eye, Anterior segmentof the eye can request membership offer.

Chapter FourEssential Principles

Article 10: Department of anterior segment of the eye containing the following elements:

A - General Assembly

B - Board of Directors

A - General Assembly:

Article 11: The general assembly is formed a meeting of members once a year.

11-1: The extraordinary general assembly when necessary and can be scheduled at the request of theboard.

11-2: ordinary and extraordinary general assembly will be recognized by the presence of at least halfplus one of the members and decisions shall be by majority vote

11-3: General assembly at its first meeting of the members elects a person as chairman and two personsas secretaryOrdinary and extraordinary general assembly including the date and place of the meetingwill be communicated to members.

11-4: If a quorum for meetings of the General Assembly was invited to return within a month, as well asmentioning the result of the previous call and in the case of any number of members of the Assemblywill be held.

B - Board of Directors:

Article 12: Members of the board are seven main members and two substitute members. The membersin general assembly once every three years by secret ballot among the members of the group will be selected

Membership is an honorary board member is permitted to re-election.

Note: board meetings being formed at least once every 3 months, and with two-thirds of the members will be recognized.

Article 13: Members of the board of directors at the first meeting after the election of the members One person as president, one as vice-president, two as secretary and a person as in charge of public relations and information will be selected.

Article 14: The head of the group as a legal entity with a particular community associations and anterior segment of the eye and other countries continuing to establish scientific contacts and correspondence.

Article 15: If any member of the board of directors for 3 consecutive days or 5 sessions periodicallyattend meetings without a valid reason will be known not resigned
Article 16: In the event of resignation, removal or death of any one of the board members, substitute members will be his successor.

Article 17: The Board of Directors is responsible for up to 4 months before the end of his tenure in the General Assembly called by the Iranian Society of Ophthalmology and elected new board actions andimmediate results, together with the minutes of the General Assembly to send the Iranian Society of Ophthalmology.

Article 18: The duties and powers of the Board of Directors

18-1: Administration Department under the provisions of the constitution

18-2: Performance of various professional committees and determine and monitor their activities.


18-3: conferences meetings lectures and scientific - technical and research firms in Iranian Society of Ophthalmology annual congresses of group identity anterior segment of the eye.

18-4: Active connections with research centers and facilitated multicenter studies.

18-5: Installation of the anterior segment of the Iranian Society of Ophthalmology website and trying to make the site more productive.

18-6Join the group decision than the anterior segment of the eye of the scientific organization ofnational and international laws and regulations.
18-7: Selection and presentation of scientific representatives of domestic and foreign with regarding the laws and regulations of the country.

18-8: Invite ordinary and extraordinary general assembly.

18-9: Implementation of decisions in public

18-10: Preparation of regulations implementing laws

18-11: Department activities report preparation for submission to the General Assembly.

18-12: proposed changes to the constitution and extraordinary general assembling

18-13: accept gifts and donations to the group



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